Live From Burning Seed In Australia

The Gerlach Regional may be over but Burning Man never really stops and neither does Shouting Fire.

Join us for a live broadcast from Burning Seed, an Australian Regional Burn starting at 7:00 PM PT on Tuesday Sept. 24 and running through 2:00 AM PT Sunday Sept. 29th.

We will bring you the feed from Red Earth Radio, RER-FM live from Matong NSW Australia.

Shouting fire radio from France Cuddle and Slap

Debuting on Thursday October 3rd at 11:00 AM PT/8:00 PM Paris Time, then going forward, on the last Thursday of every month we bring you four hours of Cuddle and Slap.

Chicago regional burning man

The crew from Radio SGC who bring you radio from Lakes of Fire, The Great Lakes Regional Burn will be live from Chicago Decompression on Saturday October 5th. Tune in at 3:00 PM PT for a TEN hour live broadcast from Chicago.