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The Shouting Fire Holiday Music Marathon -Dec. 15 thru 28th

Written by on November 30, 2019

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Did you know that the first theme camp at Burning Man was Christmas Camp?

Here at Shouting Fire we love the holidays. Our holiday music marathon will feature 24/7 holiday music curated by Burners from around the globe. Expect the obscure, the strange, the politically incorrect, not always kid appropriate holiday music and spoken word in addition to some of the traditionals.

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??’?? ??? ??? ???????. ???????? ???? ?? 99.9% ? ?????? ??????? ??? ???? ????.

We say 99.9% as this is our “official statement”. We ask our DJ’s to not play LDB but they’re probably going to do whatever they want despite what station management has asked. Shouting Fire is not responsible for the actions of our announcers and program hosts. Read the back of your ticket.

So while you’re getting smashed on eggnog, wrapping presents, deciding what to regift from last year and assembling toys with insane, nonsensical instructions, tune in and celebrate with your friends at Shouting Fire.

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