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KFLIP’s 2021 Virtual Burning Flipside

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Date: May 28, 2021
Time: 12:00 am

Missing Burns? We are too.  No worries, we’ll be together again around the fire soon.  In the mean time the folks at Burning Flipside & KFLIP bring you Virtual Burning Flipside 2021!

KFLIP is the burner radio station at Burning Flipside, the Texas regional Burn.  Starting Friday, May 28th we have tons of programming live from the KFLIP crew in Texas.

Virtual Flipside 2021, Live on Shouting Fire all weekend long or as long as the rest of the world can put up with live DJs from Texas. KFLIP, Pyropolis Public Radio will be on the air with music, shenanigans, live streams, and live performances.  Check out the event web site at — yes that’s a real URL — for more details about all the virtual ways to play along, including Minecraft, Altspace VR, Virtual Gallery and much much more.

We’ll post a KFLIP DJ/Program schedule here later today so check back!