Our simulcast of Radio Free Tankwa, is now live from AfrikaBurn, 24/7 thru May 5th.

They are live everyday from approx. 11pm PT to 9am PT, then they are on automation (still amazing listening).

You can interact with the Radio Free Tankwa crew via Twitter at @RadioFreeTankwa via Facebook Messenger or via WhatsApp at +27814891081

Remember, like ShoutingFire, Radio Free Tankwa broadcasts all year long.

Important Note: Radio Free Tankwa’s internet stream has limited listenership. We want to ensure that bandwidth is available for local Burners in Africa who cannot attend their burn.

Shouting Fire has unlimited listenership, so we ask that you listen via Shouting Fire as opposed to hitting the Radio Free Tankwa stream directly.

Thank you to the entire Radio Free Tankwa Crew. We love you and hope you have a great burn. We’ll be listening!

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