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Blazing Swan – Live from Australia

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Blazing Swan is an official Australian Burning Man event. After entering the portal of our communal home we practice DECOMMODIFICATION, letting go of our livelihood in the default world in favour of an economy that works only through unconditional GIFTING to one another.

Through COMMUNAL EFFORT, Blazing Swan is what it is because of the magic each one weaves, be it individual or as a group. This is not a spectator event, involvement is by PARTICIPATION, be it by coming together as a theme camp, creating an art piece or just expressing yourself in a way that gives to others!


The Eighth annual event is dedicated to RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION and RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE for seven days of community over the Easter Long Weekend from Wednesday 5th April 2023 (noon) –  Tuesday 11th April 2023 (noon)

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