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Radio SGC – Live from Lakes of Fire – Great Lakes Regional Burn

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We are delighted to bring you a live broadcast from Lakes of Fire - The Great Lakes Regional Burn vie the team at Radio SGC.

They will be live 24/7 starting Wednesday June 15th at 8am PT thru Sunday June 19th at 10am PT.
Tune in for amazing live radio from the Burning Man Community!

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Radio SGC – Live from Lakes of Fire – Great Lakes Regional Burn crew

The guiding force and producer behind Radio SGC, the radio station at Lakes of Fire - the Great Lakes Regional Burn, BenmeR has been creating events, experiences, and entertainment for over 20 years. Bringing his background in film production to his DJ shows, he loves to bring you on a journey, tell you a story, and slip in lots of subtleties to his music curation that hopefully puts a smile to your face and a beat in your step.  From lighting, to video, to mixing music, he puts his heart into everything he does.- constantly pushing the envelope for your enjoyment. You can listen to BenmeR's music on Mixcloud here You can listen to Radio SGC recordings here.

The second half of the Thursday night time slot with her husband BenmeR, Whirlwind brings the energy of a flock of pigeons to every show… They come up with new shows, songs, themes and ideas for every show. Game shows, request lines, interviews, drinking games, trivia, dance music, you name it and they will do […]

A part of Radio SGC, Jam (aka Julia), is thrilled to get on the radio every chance she can get. Classically trained and a 45’s record salesperson as a teen, she prefers thinking and talking about music to actually performing it herself. Always true to her history degree, she loves building playlists that examine themes, concepts, […]

Kilovolt (aka Ray) had DJed on his high school’s radio station, and subsequently jumped at the chance to return to the airwaves on Radio SGC at the yearly Lakes of Fire event. Dedicated to making things family friendly, he has proudly presented Saturday Morning Radio Cartoons, complete with a live radio comedy sketch, for several […]