Live NOW -From Burning Seed In Australia

We are live thru 9/29 from from Burning Seed, the Australian Regional Burn. We are bringing you the feed from Red Earth Radio, RER-FM live from Matong NSW Australia. Their live programming starts at approx. 5:00pm PT daily.

The Schedule above reflects Melbourne, Australia time.
Think 5pm PT = 10AM the next day, Melbourne time. Where there is no program listed above they are on automation but there are always last minute surprises, so tune in!

  1. Can you see my comments brother

  2. That 1st beat was sick brother.nice 1.rock on.

  3. Keno you are a legend, amazing music man

  4. Ah a fellow FM electronics tinkerer. Too cool. Sounds like you did a better job polluting airwaves than…