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The Confessional with Contessa de la Luna

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Guilt, shame and minor felonies plus music! Call in and share your secrets live on air

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Contessa de la Luna has been helping keep Portland weird since 2006. Contessa Luna is a Portland, Oregon based artist, performer and late night talk-radio host.

The World Famous Confessional hosted by Contessa de la Luna goes digital after fourteen years on the Portland, Oregon radio airwaves. Unfettered, unpredictable and avant-garde, the World Famous Confessional creates on and off-line communities of Lunatics, contributing and participating in the show and local events in Portland, Oregon.

After a 14 year run on KBOO 90.7 FM, in Portland, Oregon, the Contessa is taking the World Famous Confessional world-wide on and

A call-in show with no filters, no plan and no caller ID.

Contessa de la Luna, Performance Artist, Mischief Maker & Late Night Radio Personality

You can hear and talk to Contessa de la Luna inside the World Famous Confessional every Friday night starting at 10 PM on and It’s a call-in show with music and an opportunity to get off your shoulders what is weighing on your chest. Call in and confess your secrets, guilt, shame and minor felonies, or leave a recorded voice mail and we will play it on the air. 219-256-5862 is the number, and don’t think Contessa doesn’t already have yours.

After fourteen years, broadcasting of The World Famous Confessional on KBOO 90.7 FM, Portland Midnight to 3 AM, she has moved the radio show online to live streaming online radio, and a video simulcast on The new time slot, Friday’s at 10 PM makes the program more accessible and hopefully Contessa will be able to grow her audience into a world-wide movement of Contessa de la Lunatics.

Contessa performs at many local venues, in addition to organizing fundraisers for local non-profits and performing on BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio during Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.

Contessa de la Luna performs at local Portland events, has produced a live variety show with radio listeners, and callers as cast members. She hosts late night scavenger hunts, bowling, rock-paper-scissors contests, adult puppet shows, and kazoo a-longs.

Contessa loves to create art for her patrons including the famous Contessa de la Luna Surprise Fun Box, handcrafted mixed media surprises filled with surprises and mirth. And the Fun Time Activity Book filled with pages and pages of original activities and games.

She is not your typical radio host. Over the years, Contessa de la Luna has created a community of fans and listeners. During live events, listeners and supporters meet and engage with each other creating a feeling of family and inclusiveness.

Join us! Be a lunatic! Follow Contessa and join in the fun, imagination and creativity that adults often are too busy to make time for. Let Contessa give you a little reason to commit some mischief, bad jokes and sharks. Always the sharks.

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