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The Reverend will mix live from 20ft below sea level

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The Reverend will mix live for you from 20ft below sea level, Live from the Netherlands.

"I play a wide range of vintage, psychedelic and dance music. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes it is focused on early electronica from the 60s and 70s or ambient, but sometimes it’s also pure 2019 progressive dance music. I love mixing in rare vinyls, unreleased stuff from artist friends and the occasional live performance with my gear. Every show has a unique element."

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DJ Reverend Moon crew

I studied classical music (violin) at the conservatory in Utrecht. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as I quickly discovered that the classical world in general is quite adverse to synths and electronics. So I decided to switch to something else I love: computers and hacking. That became my career. However music always remains a passion. […]