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The Thicker Than Lube Show

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Live from Cape Town, South Africa

Allow us to introduce Captain Mono and General Feelgood, an unlikely and dynamic pirate radio duo. While Captain Mono is the enigmatic pirate of musical mayhem with a penchant for '80s and '90s cheese and electronic madness,  General Feelgood is the consummate professional presenter with a golden ear for rock.

The Unlikely Harmony: Together, this duo creates a musical spectacle, combining nostalgic cheese, electronic surprises, and the raw power of rock. Their chemistry is a testament to the magic that happens when opposites collide. 🚀 Set Sail with the Duo: Tune in to Captain Mono and General Feelgood's pirate radio for a musical journey that spans the wild, the professional, and everything in between. It's a show where chaos meets order, making it a must-listen experience for all music enthusiasts. 🏴‍☠️ It's Thicker Than Lube.

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