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Now on Our Soundcloud – An Evening with Playascape – Featuring Sturge and The Scumfrog

This is now on our Soundcloud page for on-demand listening.

Join us for An Evening with Playascape – Featuring Sturge and The Scumfrog

Playascape is a playful interactive landscape coming to Burning Man 2019. Playascape is many things; a gathering space, an amphitheatre for performance, an undulating landscape that rises from the playa and more.

It offers a sculptural man-made terrain from which to smoothly climb out of the dead-flat playa and survey the miraculous scene from on high.

Artist and Architect Alex Haw and collaborator Col Sturge will talk about the design, inspiration and execution of their installation. In addition we’ll present sets from Sturge and The Scumfrog recorded live at their recent London fundraiser.

Broadcast times are:

Monday 7/8 – 5 to 7pm PT
Tuesday 7/9 – 11am PT (8pm – 11 CEST)(
Wednesday 7/10 – 10am – 12pm PT (7 to 9pm CEST)

Our Broadcast from Nowhere – The European Regional Burn in Spain has Concluded

We have just concluded a great week of broadcasting live from Nowhere in Spain. We were on the air for 6 hours a day and were on FM at the event as well as streaming worldwide. Our friends at Radio Free Tankwa in South Africa also carried the broadcasts. We also formed a wonderful collaboration with Radio Barrio.

A massive shout out to the people on site who made the broadcast fun and and entertaining :

Christine Romeijn, Meghan Rutigliano, Lamberto Lambru Ferrara, Alexandre Cheetah, Bram Van Warmerdam, Erdy Sastro, Pierre-Louis Egatre, Alessia Fortunato, Cecile Ravaux, Kimberly Bond, Feydreva Paradise, Krevette Bleue, Luke Pinna, Aleta de Tiburon, Mathilde de la Mole, Clemence Gueidan, Typhaine So, Helen Blackmore, Nic Laz, Sunny Ray, Andrey Navikov, the Norg Teams (Comms, Placement, NoInfo & SLaP) and the voice of Shouting Fire Steve Man aka Hippie Trap who did all the heavy lifting.

Let’s not forget So Brouhon , The Shouting Fire European Project Manager, the magician who made it all possible from her living room in Brussels & Bobzilla at Shouting Fire HQ in Oakland, steering the ship. Onward to The Borderland in Denmark.

THANK YOU for listening!

Programs from The French Burner Community

The French Burners are turning up the heat on Shouting Fire like only they can.

Debuting on Thursday October 3rd at 11:00 AM PT/8:00 PM Paris Time, then going forward, on the last Thursday of every month we bring you four hours of Cuddle and Slap.

Cuddle & Slap is a philosophy, an idea, an emotion , a curator of chill caress, slow beats, tech slaps and housy hugs. We are going to go together into a deep atmosphere of trippy melody , sounds and gems.

Then every Tuesday at 11:00 AM PT/8:00 PM Paris Time : Made In France With Love : A different DJ mixing for you LIVE: Matildoutz, Megasame, Echoes Sound and Kiwiiba share the duties, feeding your ears.

Will Roger Peterson on Fly Ranch – Available for On-Demand listening on SoundCloud

The Burning Man Project purchased the Fly Ranch property in 2016. Located twenty-one miles north of Gerlach in Washoe County, Nevada, Fly Ranch is a year-round venue for Burning Man activities. This 3,800 acre site opens the door to new possibilities, exciting cultural experiments, and art and innovation projects on a scale never before envisioned

Shouting Fire DJ Raindog visited the ranch last weekend as part of the Profiles in Dust team; a small group of talented video producers gifting their time & professional talents to the Burning Man community. Raindog will be presenting a montage of audio recorded there. This will include part of a talk by Burning Man Project founding member, Will Roger, who talks of the history of Burning Man’s involvement with Fly Ranch, and the present and future plans for the property.

While Fly Ranch Project is not exactly British, it definitely is the dogs bollocks.

Can’t carve the time out of your schedule to listen? No worries, you can listen now. The file is on our Soundcloud page for on-demand listening.