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KFLIP’s Hot Mics and Dead Air

Live from KFLIP HQ in Austin , TX

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KFLIP is the radio station at Flipside, the Texas Regional Burn. Always playing an eclectic mix of music for your listening pleasure, KFLiP first appeared at Burning Flipside 2007. Hosted by a collective of DJ's who each put their individual "spin" on the talk and music.

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KFLIP’s Hot Mics and Dead Air crew

Popcorn started having fun with KFLIP at Burning Flipside back in 2009 (or so), starting at as just a camp volunteer and a DJ with poor microphone control. In 2019 Bobzilla told him about ShoutingFire, and KFLIP grabbed a Friday night slot called “Hot Mics and Dead Air” featuring many of our camp mates and […]

GigaMatt is a founding member of KFLiP, which first appeared at Burning Flipside 2007 and broadcast to at least six people. 13 years and two holes in his head later, he still shows up at the mic and continues to lower KFLiP’s on-air standards. He mostly plays Classic Rock, New Wave, Folk, Jazz, Country, Electronica… […]

Bossy Spice aka Robin likes beer, wine and liquor, pop, hip hop and jazz, as well as show tunes and movie soundtracks and really just about everything. Even old school country. She’s been with KFLiP, the community radio station at the big Texas regional burn since 2009 and with Popcorn a lot, lot longer. BossySpice […]

The DJ usually known as Gryphon, sometimes AKA Stormdancer, has been going to the central Texas burn Burning Flipside for many years, with the wonderful group of friends called KFLiP camp. Their gift to the community was (and is!) a public radio station, where he got his start doing this stuff. The mythical beasty has […]

Burner, producer, creative, and all around music aficionado.