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Thunder From Down Under - Live from Australia

The crew from Red Earth Radio is back!  Fresh from lockdowns, they have emerged and take over the airwaves once again.

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Red Earth Radio crew

GeminiTrix aka Erin Pimm has been DJing feel good house since 1996. Connecting with her followers and friends around the world with her feel good sessions.

Hot Wire is the hottest wire known to humanity. Even in the Arctic circle he is still wired hot. He may or may not burn you if you’re into that sort of thing. Comes from a land down under.

Captain Neillo (retired…. well sacked actually).  He’s an unsteady hand on a leaky ship.   Neillo got the job done…. exactly half the time.  Much loved by many, his ability to talk under wet cement made him a darling of the Red Earth Radio faithful. When let loose, expect long sentences that finish up where they […]