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The All New Alternate Wednesdays with Tim -Kinda -Sorta

LIve from San Angelo, Texas

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Wednesday 6:00 pm 9:00 pm

All New Alternate Wednesdays

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Beware of an eclectic mess of rock, disco, old school, EDM, musical junk and possible local artists.

This is all punctuated by a pointed (or pointless) commentary on news, burner stuff, matters in life and possibly even Second Life. Live from San Angelo, Texas.

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The All New Alternate Wednesdays with Tim -Kinda -Sorta crew

  Tim, a recently retired IT systems professional, is an accomplished musician and sound technician, and enjoys DJing as well. He has had a decided interest in radio broadcasting through the years too. A major motivator was the soulless corporate behemoth that FM radio had become. Being very much a tinkerer with electronics, Tim began […]