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Tim McTaggart / DJ Programmer

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Tim, a recently retired IT systems professional, is an accomplished musician and sound technician, and enjoys DJing as well. He has had a decided interest in radio broadcasting through the years too. A major motivator was the soulless corporate behemoth that FM radio had become.

Being very much a tinkerer with electronics, Tim began to soup up a part 15 FM transmitter, and finally got his lone voice crying in the wilderness on the air. He then got hold of a real LPFM transmitter and continued to pollute the San Angelo, Texas airwaves on various Friday nights for several years to come. The self described ‘Eclectic Mess’ was born during that time. (The ‘all new…kinda sorta’ designation was since added, with apologies to

In 2012 Tim made his virgin trip to Burning Man. As with many first timers it was a mind blowing experience. Tim has been to the playa a couple times since then and hopes to make it back when the ticket gods again deem it worthy. But on day one of that virgin burn he checked out BMIR and met Bobzilla, who was already considering making BMIR a year round internet radio station.

With some modifications Tim has kept much of his old show’s zaniness, odd wisdom, technical glitches, sporadic speaking skills, peculiar sound bites, and songs you may have heard at the grocery store. He is honored and excited to be a part of the realization of Bobzilla’s dream and hopes to continue to be a ‘kinda sorta’ worthy contributor to Shouting Fire.

Tim is the host of the All New Alternate Wednesdays With Tim….Kinda Sorta, on…alternating Wednesdays, if you will. email at tsmt01 [at]