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This Weekend- Where The Sheep Sleep – Live From The Netherlands

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be bringing you some live broadcasts from Where The Sheep Sleep – The Dutch Regional Burn. We have a team on the ground ready to bring you some great music and conversation.

Now if you are on the west coast, The Netherlands is on CEST time (Central European Summer Time) which is 9 hours ahead of California. They won’t be on 24/7 and the times they will be broadcasting may not (or may) be the most convenient for you. No worries! We will be working to get recordings up on our Soundcloud page within a few hours so you can listen at your leisure no matter where you are. Check the schedule here to see when they are on. The schedule should display in your local time zone.

We here at Shouting Fire are big fans of late night radio so if you are up for it, we highly recommend listening while in bed. You never know what will come out of the speakers and it can often be quite surreal. Tune in!