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Bobzilla is the guiding force and General Manager of Shouting Fire.  Bobzilla has been working in radio since 1978, and has worked at commercial, public, pirate and underground stations across the United States.   He was the General Manager at BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio on the playa for a decade.  He’s a veteran Burner (15 […]

Host of the terrestrial radio program The World Famous Confessional for 15 years on KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, Oregon

The DJ usually known as Gryphon, sometimes AKA Stormdancer, has been going to the central Texas burn Burning Flipside for many years, with the wonderful group of friends called KFLiP camp. Their gift to the community was (and is!) a public radio station, where he got his start doing this stuff. The mythical beasty has […]

Coming to you live from Carson City, Nevada, Raindog is a long time part of the BMIR family. Join him for two hours of British Bollocks.

I studied classical music (violin) at the conservatory in Utrecht. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as I quickly discovered that the classical world in general is quite adverse to synths and electronics. So I decided to switch to something else I love: computers and hacking. That became my career. However music always remains a passion. […]

  Tim, a recently retired IT systems professional, is an accomplished musician and sound technician, and enjoys DJing as well. He has had a decided interest in radio broadcasting through the years too. A major motivator was the soulless corporate behemoth that FM radio had become. Being very much a tinkerer with electronics, Tim began […]