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Grommet aka Ali grew up in Massachusetts and transplanted to Arizona in 2015, finding a home in the experimental architecture and welcoming community of Arcosanti. Grommet never thought they would be working in a bronze foundry, living in the desert, or hosting a radio show (and yet, here we are). They’ve got no idea what they’re doing, but they’re definitely doing their best.

Overworked and underpaid.  DJ Automatix takes over when we have no live or pre-recorded program on air playing a very eclectic mix.

Idlis has been in and around radio his entire life. Starting as a "Legal ID" on WBRU in Providence, RI when he was 7, then stops at college and commercial radio stations in Boston and a Non-Comm in Minneapolis.  Radio and music is ingrained in his soul. After spending 20 years promoting records for Mercury Records, he settled on Jupiter (Florida!) to continue his passion for bringing happiness and good vibes to the world thru music.  He hasn't been to a Burn but we're working on him.

DJ Love Jonze has been listening to and making radio since 2004, starting her radio career at terrestrial radio station KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland, Oregon. She still produces content, promotional spots, technology interviews, and periodic specials including the 50 Year Anniversary of Woodstock where she interviewed multiple individuals who were at the event either […]

Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Pooch aka Jamie, joined a garage band at age 12 playing guitars and doing vocals, moving onto drums at age 15 .  Soon he was playing gigs professionally and working in house bands as second job.   He always wanted to do radio and now that dream comes true on Shouting Fire […]

Originally from Wisconsin, relocated to California and now in Arkansas. She’s had a LOVE of radio since she was knee-high to a grasshopper standing next to her Dad in the Rambler, driving to northern Wisconsin listening to the radio at midnight in the 50’s… Fast forward through the years peppered with experimentation of hosting radio […]

Helios:Maddock is a bedroom and house party DJ with a wide variety of tastes, but they tend to always angle back towards EDM remixes of well-known, classic rock & pop hits. From electro breaks to deep and funky house, sets tend to strike a balance between “get on the floor right fucking now” and interrupting […]

Hailing from The Netherlands, Femina Ignis aka Stefanie Peters plays Techno and Progressive Techno. Her stage name means ‘woman of fire’ and that fits her like a glove.

GeminiTrix aka Erin Pimm has been DJing feel good house since 1996. Connecting with her followers and friends around the world with her feel good sessions.

Whiskey Devil has been DJing in the bay area for a little over 10 years with her fingers dabbling into all kinds of genres. Known for her eclectic and creative sets coming straight from the heart, shaking dance floors with liquid, deep, neuro, tech, funk, atmospheric and lush soundscapes.

The guiding force and producer behind Radio SGC, the radio station at Lakes of Fire - the Great Lakes Regional Burn, BenmeR has been creating events, experiences, and entertainment for over 20 years. Bringing his background in film production to his DJ shows, he loves to bring you on a journey, tell you a story, and slip in lots of subtleties to his music curation that hopefully puts a smile to your face and a beat in your step.  From lighting, to video, to mixing music, he puts his heart into everything he does.- constantly pushing the envelope for your enjoyment. You can listen to BenmeR's music on Mixcloud here You can listen to Radio SGC recordings here.

Burner, producer, creative, and all around music aficionado.

Bossy Spice aka Robin likes beer, wine and liquor, pop, hip hop and jazz, as well as show tunes and movie soundtracks and really just about everything. Even old school country. She’s been with KFLiP, the community radio station at the big Texas regional burn since 2009 and with Popcorn a lot, lot longer. BossySpice […]

Yomi is an award winning Transmedia storyteller, film producer, and digital strategist. He is a published author, artist, record producer, and event organizer with a penchant for Steampunk – the retro-futurist genre. In 1998, the BBC News sent Yomi to the USA to direct a film on Burning Man, which introduced him to the creative […]

Thunder Thighs. Yogi. Sun worshiper. Seeker. Lover. Playmate. The Big Blue. Sri Sri Yoga Teacher. Boatie.

Meet General Feelgood:  A true pro of the airwaves he has an impeccable sense for all things rock, offering a sense of order and harmony to his broadcasts. General Feelgood is the consummate professional presenter with a golden ear for rock. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, General Feelgood is one of the driving forces […]