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A special Thanksgiving treat for your earballs!

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A special Thanksgiving treat for your earballs! BenmeR presents a special recording from the archives featuring the first B2B2B set that he did with his close DJ friends, Fazi Bear and Moniker Prime.

Recorded at a secret party location in 2019 and with no advanced preparation, these three made some musical magic feeding off of eachother’s energy. Join BenmeR as he gives thanks throughout the night and shares this special throwback with the masses.

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The guiding force and producer behind Radio SGC, the radio station at Lakes of Fire - the Great Lakes Regional Burn, BenmeR has been creating events, experiences, and entertainment for over 20 years. Bringing his background in film production to his DJ shows, he loves to bring you on a journey, tell you a story, and slip in lots of subtleties to his music curation that hopefully puts a smile to your face and a beat in your step.  From lighting, to video, to mixing music, he puts his heart into everything he does.- constantly pushing the envelope for your enjoyment. You can listen to BenmeR's music on Mixcloud here You can listen to Radio SGC recordings here.