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Author: BenmeR

BenmeR presents Captain Zesty’s Aural Pleasures Embark upon a journey of hazy, dreamy, distorted shoegaze, post rock, dream pop and a little nu jazz mixed in for good measure. Tune in live and chat with the host and other attendees!

BenmeR presents Kilovolt & Jam: Fear of Commitment Have trouble deciding what to do? Are there too many options to choose from? Do your earballs a favor and make the choice to tune into this show and we will all share in the craziness that is “committing to things”.  Thurs, 9/16 @ 6pm PST

BenmeR & Whirlwind: Grandmas & Babies Join us for a special radio show that will celebrate where we all came from… OUR MOMS! This multigenerational broadcast will treat your earballs to an experience only our baby’s grandmas can provide! No secrets will be safe in this week’s show where our moms tell all. Join the […]

BenmeR & Whirlwind celebrate 1 year on the radio! Recorded poolside from a secret location 1 year ago, we present a rebroadcast of our first ever Shouting Fire radio show from 2020’s Virtual Burn Broadcast Week. Reminisce about going to burns, laugh at how much the show has grown in the last year, interact with […]

BenmeR Presents: Skunk & Miss Kitty: On The Road Again? A program loosely focused around the road trip to Burning Man. Music will be curated for a long car ride. Miss Kitty will be joining Skunk, playing some songs and sharing a story or two, so please tune in! 6p-9p PST/8-11 pm CST Reminisce about […]

BenmeR Presents Dudebacca’s Dustbin: Mixtapes and Memories Get ready for a trip down memory lane as Dudebacca dusts off out some old mixtapes and curates an eclectic show for your earballs! Reminisce, interact with your friends, drink along, and enjoy the show at:

Shake your tail feathers and get your beaks wet with an all bird radio set featuring Birb Daddy Spaceman, Jam, and Whirlwind. Special bird guests Merlin, Pixie, Leonard, and Robirda will have you feeling like you are part of our flock. Gather your pets, pour your beverages, and interact with the bird brains at:

Join BenmeR as he takes your earballs back to 2014 featuring a special recording from RadioSGC. Joined by Skunk, he took over the radio station for a few hours when some DJs bailed… get ready for some fun audio gems from the burn throughout the broadcast! Enjoy the nostalgia and share your thoughts at:

It’s our anniversary!!! Join BenmeR  & Whirlwind for a music and love story themed radio show where we take you back to 2011 Chicago where it all started. A recanting of the sights, sounds, and stories from Lollapalooza 2011 where they first met. Join the anniversary festivities at:

Want to jump on the air and be a radio show call in guest? BenmeR  fires up the call in lines for an interactive show! Tonight’s show will be improvised and he is welcoming listeners to call in a share their thoughts with your earballs! To call in, join the chat so our radio staff […]

BenmeR  presents a Food, Beer, and Music show! We are bringing together all of your fav Thursday night Shouting Fire personalities on one mega show! The show will feature food, beer, and musical pairings specifically crafted to make all your senses salivate. Get your fav beverage and snacks ready! Join us in the chat to […]

BenmeR  returns to your Thursday night slot with some electronic jams to fuel your evening. As per usual, this set will be a bit improvised, but be assured that some great tunes will find their way to you earballs. Pour yourself your favorite beverage, interact with BenmeR on the chat, and let’s pump this weekly […]

Guest host Captain Zesty takes over for BenmeR  with his show, Aural Pleasures: where eargasms are guaranteed. This month’s show will commemorate Zesty’s upcoming birthday as well as America’s independence, featuring  songs of protest and patriotism as well as celebrations of orbital anniversaries. Get your tray tables down and your seats reclined for this special show! Join the […]

Music from scores and Soundtracks of iconic films!  Guest host Dudebacca takes over for BenmeR for a special themed show that will take your earballs to the silver screen! Join the fun, discuss movies and music with Dudebacca on the chat!

We bring a special tribute show for Lakes of Fire, the Great Lakes Regional Burn! A packed show with stories, experiences and recordings  from the last 6 years of RadioSGC,  the station that has been doing 24/7 broadcasts throughout the event and bringing burner talent with amazing audio art for your earballs! Join the fun and […]

BenmeR & Whirlwind are excited to welcome Kelly Bells to the studio this week! Inspired by her annual Lakes of Fire radio show at the Great Lakes Regional Burn, we got some funky jams for your earballs this Thursday night! The birds will be there shaking all the tail feathers with us! Join the funky fun […]

Tune in for a “Raytrospective” as Kilovolt completes another journey around the sun. Featuring a curated playlist of music throughout the last 53 years and a special guest appearance by the woman who made it all possible. There will be lots of live interactions in the chat!  Join the fun at:

A spectacle of songs & subjects that celebrate the splendor of Science! Legendary radio personality Aaron Freeman AKA. “Delighted” joins BenmeR in the studio to co-host an amazing radio show that has been scientifically tested to benefit your earballs! There will be lots of live interactions in the chat including TRIVIA!  Join the fun at:

Whirlwind & Steel Toe Sara’s A(n Avocado) Toast to Millennials: Debt is the Ultimate Participation Trophy BenmeR’s better half, Whirlwind, is hosting this week’s show with a special guest! Get your earballs ready for musical nostalgia soo good that millennials “can’t even”… or whatever the kids say these days.

Captain Zesty takes over for BenmeR so that you can embark upon a journey of hazy, dreamy, distorted shoegaze, post rock, dream pop and a little nu jazz mixed in for good measure. Zesty’s May show will feature tracks from artists and bands with 2021 album or EP releases. I’ll be serving up shoegaze, post-rock, […]

Join the festivities and celebrate my 41st bday and over 8 months of weekly radio shows on Shouting Fire!  Special themed music, birds in costumes, beverages a plenty, and entertainment for your earballs!  Plus, we may event have a live video stream to give you an inside look into the magic we make in the […]

Join Skunk this week! Do you miss live concerts as much as I do? Want to reminisce with me of shows past? Tune in as I go through my live recording vault and play exclusive, unavailable recordings from concerts I recorded starting in 1998 all the way up to 2020. Everything I’ll play is unavailable […]

Bringing back that festival vibe, BenmeR has curated a special radio series that will feature music and art festivals that he has dragged his love ones around over the years. For this first installment, Come along as we Discuss Burning man inspired art & a playlist of all the artists seen in order during BenmeR’s […]

BenmeR presents a special Shouting Fire appearance: Dudebacca’s Dustbin “Under the Influence” A journey through samples, influences, and inspirations. Interact live and discuss the music and artists with music enthusiasts and the host at

Join BenmeR and Whirlwind for the return of our interactive radio game show! We hope you can find the time to be a part of this special event! We will be playing unique/abstract cover versions of popular songs and it’s up to you to identify the original artists. Winners of each round are showered in […]