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Author: BenmeR

BenmeR & Whirlwind present:  The Thanksgiving Special Rebroadcast – Food, Beverage, and Music Pairing In case you are in need of some food ideas for Thanksgiving or want to stuff you earballs some more, we got you covered! All of your fav Thurs night personalities are bringing food, beer, and musical pairings to the table […]

BenmeR presents – BenmeR & Whirlwind “Under the Covers #8” Radio GameShow – Celebrating our 100th live broadcast! Join BenmeR and Whirlwind for the return of our interactive radio game show and the celebrations of the 100th live broadcast in our thursday night timeslot! We hope you can find the time to be a part […]

BenmeR presents – Kilovolt & Jam: All About That Bass Join us as we explore pop music with iconic and interesting bass lines, and some of the performers that created them Discuss the music, interact with fellow burners, and drink along with us at:

BenmeR presents – Dudebacca’s Dustbin: Scary Movie Marathon We’re going back to the movies for a special spooky broadcast of Dudebacca’s Dustbin. It’ll be a night of fright, games, shenanigans and music for your earballs. Creepy hugs encouraged. Discuss the music, interact with fellow burners, and drink along with us at:

BenmeR Presents: Whirlwind’s Radio Birthday Party! Relive the celebration with us on the airwaves & in the chat! An interactive show featuring Whirlwind’s favorite music, cake, call-in guests, special guest DJs, & of course, birds! Please stop by during the festivities to send some love, share a story, raise a glass, and shake some tail […]

Not sure where this keyboard came from. Which one of these buttons does what?!?  Hmm…  looks like we figure it out live on the air! More songs picked at random for your earballs! Tune in, raise your glass, and interact at:

BenmeR presents Kilovolt: Up with Arpeggios. Y’all know them, Ya’ll love them. Get your brains melted with a themed show about arpeggios with the Dr. Kilovolt. Tune in, raise your glass, and interact at:

BenmeR & the Birbs With both the wife and the human baby gone… that just leaves me and the feathered children to mix up some music for your earballs tonight. Merlin will likely be picking most of the songs as he walks all over the gear. Pixie will be perfect, as per usual. Tune in, […]

BenmeR presents a show for you to dust of all your gear, put your feet up, & chill out. Raise your dust filled glass, enjoy the tunes, and interact at:

Whether you are in the desert or at home, your earballs got a special treat this Thursday night! The whole crew is gathering to broadcast some good mojo into the burn and share some special music to fuel your evening! Join the celebration & raise your dust filled glass!

We got a special show this week because we know how important music is to your earballs. Join is as we do some LIVE DJ Mixing, open up the phone lines, and bring back those birbs you love so much! Listen in, drink along,  request a phone call, and interact at:

BenmeR & Whirlwind: The Beginning Rated R for Romantic – It’s our anniversary!!! Join us for a music and love story themed radio show where we take you back to 2011 Chicago where it all started. Listen in, drink along, and interact at:

BenmeR presents – Kilovolt & Jam: Some Some Summer Join Kilovolt & Jam and special guest Mick as they play songs of summer, lovingly selected for you. Listen in, drink along, and interact at:

BenmeR presents Captain Zesty’s Aural Pleasures Embark upon a journey of hazy, dreamy, distorted shoegaze, post rock, dream pop and a little nu jazz mixed in for good measure. Tune in live and chat with the host and other attendees!

BenmeR presents: Dudebacca’s Dustbin – Birthday Mash Ups Your favorite Wookie bring out some mixed up Mashups for his birthday broadcast! Listen in, drink along, and interact at:

BenmeR & Whirlwind – Alphabet Soup – Round 2 We return this week with a live show that will test our abilities to remember the alphabet whilst pleasing your earballs! Join the chat and help us start this craziness of by picking a letter of the alphabet for us to start with. once we begin, […]

BenmeR & Whirlwind – Live from last week’s Great Lakes regional Burn! Recorded live at Lakes of Fire, the Great Lakes Regional Burn, This was our first live in person performance since before the pandemic started and it was an amazing time! get those beverages and dance shoes ready, your earballs don’t want to miss […]

BenmeR Presents: The Countdown to Lakes of Fire – Part 2 As we approach Lakes of Fire, the Great Lakes Regional Burn, BenmeR has a special treat for your earballs! A packed show with stories, experiences and recordings  from the last 6 years of RadioSGC, the station that has been doing 24/7 broadcasts throughout the […]

BenmeR Presents: The Countdown to Lakes of Fire – Part 1 As we approach Lakes of Fire, the Great Lakes Regional Burn, Captain Zesty and Queen Geri join BenmeR & Whirlwind for a special broadcast! A packed show with stories, experiences and recordings  from the last 6 years of RadioSGC,  the station that has been […]

BenmeR and Whirlwind: Under the Covers – Lucky Number 7! Shouting Fire’s premiere interactive radio game show returns for another season! A challenging cover song contest that will test your skillz! We will be playing unique/abstract cover versions of popular songs and it’s up to you to identify the original artists. Winners of each round […]

BenmeR presents Kilovolt & Jam: From the Earth to the Moon – Adventures in the music of Science fiction. This Thursday, Kilovolt & Jam, along with special guest Ignatz, journey off-planet to explore music in the realm of science fiction. Come with us to the stars and beyond!

BenmeR‘s Throwback Thursday! Coachella Edition Bringing back that festival vibe, BenmeR has curated a special radio series that will feature music and art festivals that he has dragged his love ones around over the years. For this first installment, Come along as we Discuss Burning man inspired art & a playlist of all the artists […]

BenmeR presents: “Come On Get Happy” with Jam Join Jam in celebrating her birthday live on the radio! She wil have some special guest hosts and is curating an epic playlist of songs that make us all happy! Wear your happiest outfit and bring some celebratory beverages. Tune in, drink along with Jam, and enjoy […]

BenmeR  and the birds return to your Thursday night slot with some electronic jams to fuel your evening. As per usual, this set will be a bit improvised, but be assured that some great tunes will find their way to you earballs. Pour yourself your favorite beverage, interact with BenmeR on the chat, and let’s […]

BenmeR Presents: The Purim & St Patty’s Day Beer Mega Show Mega show this week with DJ Dudebacca and Gavin Le Pew Miller! Join us and celebrate the first time that two amazing holidays coincide since 1995.  Purim and St Patty’s Day madness can be enjoyed in the safety of your humble abode!!! Costumes and […]

BenmeR Presents: The Chiditarod fundraising event special! Tune in for a special radio show featuring Chicago’s annual shopping cart charity race – chiditarod!  Learn about this amazing food drive & fundraiser through Interviews with the founders, volunteers, race winners, & participants. plus event DJ Sets! Join the festivities and tune at:

BenmeR Presents: Captain Zesty’s “March Sadness” It’s been a long, cold, lonely past couple of years. As the days start getting longer and the weather becomes warmer, let’s celebrate the end of our sorrows and squeeze the last drops of lament out of our system. Join Captain Zesty on Thursday, March 10th for MARCH SADNESS, […]