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Burning Nest is one of the UK’s officially recognised regional Burner Events, associated with Burning Man. Located in a beautiful part of the English countryside on an independent site near Exeter. The theme this year is Cosmic Carnival. Shouting Fire is bringing you live broadcasts from the event via Nest Radio.   There are too many […]

Did you know you can chat with our DJ’s live on air?  You can, it’s true.  When we have a live DJ on air, just go to Make requests, heap praise upon them or whatever strikes your fancy.  You can even insult them (trust us, they’ve heard it all before). It’s all good.

Shouting Fire is a collective of “burners”, radio enthusiasts, artists, noise makers, poets, iconoclasts, and off-grid travelers from all over the globe. We welcome your participation! What does participation mean? Listening Commenting “Like” and follow us on social media.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.  We push out a daily program update on […]