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With a long & vibrant international DJ career, Jimbo is considered one of the leading & most innovative DJ’s coming out of The Netherlands.  Jimbos connection to music started when he was just a kid. His father had a huge vinyl collection and there were speakers placed all around the house (even in the bathroom […]

HYPERTAC is a wandering musical ronin who stumbled into the Burning Man dimension in 2019. A student of the world, HYPERTAC has lived all over the Western US, and spent a couple years working and traveling Asia exploring the mysteries of the East before settling in Northern California where he studies the ways of the digital samurai among the redwoods with his two trusty cat companions, Bandit and Smudge.

Miss Kitty is from Northern California.  She's like a  feral cat found in the weeds with an awesome playlist. A graduate from OC with degree in biology.  She lives on a commune where people grow their own food.

D.Z. writes, teaches, and hunkers down in his analog-era media bunker. Pre-pandemic, he split his time between San Francisco and Columbus. Post-pandemic, whenever that day comes, he hasn’t got a clue where “home” will be. In another phase of life, he did a bunch of other things. But that was then. And this is not.

Frederika is a french artist who creates unique mixes of songs, between electronic music and original world tracks, resulting in a melodic and a transcendental fusion. Her music invites the audience to a deep sensorial experience, guiding them to connection, awakening and unconditional love. Her mantra : spread good vibes, make bodies dance and souls flow.

A veteran of some 14 Burns, Aeion Solar is  a self-taught musician and classically trained actor.  Student of San Diego’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, producing stage and live performance. He works in a variety of media and artistic techniques, exhibiting works in San Francisco, New York. and San Diego, where he currently lives.

An “ace” of many things, Ace volunteers doing field ops for the Artery at Uncle Larry’s family reunion. A metal artist for many years, he teaches sculptural welding, and loves to create art in many mediums. He currently works in the foundry at Arcosanti, and is loving life out here on the mesa’s edge. Ace has been listening to Shouting Fire/BMIR for 8 years, and is excited to bring his own brand of weirdness to the network.

Zebulon is a visual artist, house party DJ, and desert weirdo who resides in the small community of Arcosanti, AZ. As a lifelong fan of all things loud, weird, and fun, he is delighted to share an eclectic sampling of sounds spanning the entirety of space and time.

Grommet aka Ali grew up in Massachusetts and transplanted to Arizona in 2015, finding a home in the experimental architecture and welcoming community of Arcosanti. Grommet never thought they would be working in a bronze foundry, living in the desert, or hosting a radio show (and yet, here we are). They’ve got no idea what they’re doing, but they’re definitely doing their best.

Overworked and underpaid.  DJ Automatix takes over when we have no live or pre-recorded program on air playing a very eclectic mix.

Idlis has been in and around radio his entire life. Starting as a "Legal ID" on WBRU in Providence, RI when he was 7, then stops at college and commercial radio stations in Boston and a Non-Comm in Minneapolis.  Radio and music is ingrained in his soul. After spending 20 years promoting records for Mercury Records, he settled on Jupiter (Florida!) to continue his passion for bringing happiness and good vibes to the world thru music.  He hasn't been to a Burn but we're working on him.