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Tin Cup (aka Amy) has been a member of the East Bay Burner community since 2014 but experienced her first Burning Man in 2013. Since then, she has assisted others to find love with SoSo Cupid, co-built the famous Candy HeART Car (also known as the “Meh. You’ll Do” mobile), and co-created the Meh Dating […]

PopTart is a founding member of KFLiP, which first appeared at Burning Flipside 2007 and broadcast to at least six people. 13 years and two holes in her head later, Shestill shows up at the mic and continues to lower KFLiP’s on-air standards. She mostly plays Classic Rock, New Wave, Folk, Jazz, Country, Electronica… ah […]

Steve Hippietrap is traveling the world on his The Smiling Van. Stuck in Turkey, he’s embarking on a virtual world tour calling friends and burners from around the world.

Wildstyle DJ (as in: anything goes) originally from the cold streets of Belgium, relocated to sunny Cape Town, South Africa. Home Burn used to be Nowhere in Spain, now AfrikaBurn in in the Tankwa Karoo, South Africa.

The Jackalope Hour is a weekly radio show hosted by Doktor Jackie Dilworth.  Direct from Goldfield, Nevada, the show comes from the edge of Bat County and brings together music and spoken word from all genres and across the universe.  There is usually a theme or a focus for each show and Doktor Dilworth puts together a show that is always unique and never the same.  Tune in and see what the Doktor is playing this week on The Jackalope Hour!

TripleFFF is the mastermind behind Paddock Radio at Kiwiburn in New Zealand. He travels around in his mobile studio that houses his 100% solar powered radio station.

Cindiana brings you two and a half hours of amazing chill music spanning all genres.  She's a long time resident of Fort Bragg, CA, she can also be heard on KMUD-FM.

Echoes Sound bringing you minimal, techno, break and UK bass, from Marseille, France.  

Matildoutz is a DJ from Paris. playing downbeat to up-tempo until tech house. Traveling and searching inspiration around different festival and music gatherings. A member of the Crépite Collective broadcasting on    

MEGASAME has evolved from different genre – hip hop, soul, afro-beat to techno, trance and psybient. Her eclectic style promotes free music throughout her sets. CARTE BLANCHE ON SHOUTINGFIRE.COM Tune in every Tuesday at 11am PT/2pm ET/2000 CET for two hours of live music from the French (and Belgian) Burner community. Megasame, Matildoutz, Echoes and […]