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Descend on the incoherency, bad listening skills and self-doubt that is host David Cooper. As I write this description I truly can’t tell you what the show is about. This is going well, I think. Broadcast live on the street at Ritual Coffee Roasters at 1026 Valencia St. in San Francisco, there’s comedians, callers, laughter, […]

Every Monday night at 9:00 pm PT we bring you The Electric Waste Band live from Winstons OB in San Diego. Over 3 hours of the best of the Grateful Dead and more performed live by a group of musicians who have been playing music from the Dead together for over 20 years. Too late […]

Based in Berlin, Germany, Keno Mapp is a very positive artist who’s message of pure love and peace has moved many on earth. He is the lead singer of the Rock band “Heart Touch”, record label founder with Angelo Moore of FISHBONE, a published author of several books and he has rocked the stage with […]

We will go through gentle tickling feathers for the chills, and then start to bounce your body with slow vibrations… warm your skin with mellow synth and finish with slappy & shaky bass…, Burner at BURN2: Avatar name is Super Suz at in Second Life. Check us out! by searching Burning Man 2.0. Located in the Bay Area of Northern Cali, Suz plays a sprinkling of music, news and events updates and occasional podcast recording for you. You heard it here first, folks!

Popcorn started having fun with KFLIP at Burning Flipside back in 2009 (or so), starting at as just a camp volunteer and a DJ with poor microphone control. In 2019 Bobzilla told him about ShoutingFire, and KFLIP grabbed a Friday night slot called “Hot Mics and Dead Air” featuring many of our camp mates and […]

Larsmania aka Lars is the host of the Vinyl Is Final show which comes to you live from Düsseldorf, Germany every other Sunday morning at 2 am PT/11 am CEST with a rebroadcast alternating Wednesdays at 12pm PT/9 pm CEST. The show brings listeners a colorful mix of music both new and old spanning all genres. Join Lars as he takes you into his world of vinyl and crate digging. He’s working on interviews with local Electri_City and Kraftwerk community members and is actively sneaking into shows to bring you surreptitious recordings of local bands. Lars started burning in 2013 and enjoys traveling with his beautiful wife Elke, knitting, dressing up like a bunny and trainspotting in his spare time. 2019 will mark his third visit to BRC. You can reach him at

Host of the terrestrial radio program The World Famous Confessional for 15 years on KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, Oregon

Captain Mono, the swashbuckling radio renegade, delights in delivering the quirkiest ’80s and ’90s hits and electronic beats. He’s a man of musical madness who embraces chaos in the airwaves.  Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Captain Mono is one of the driving forces behind Radio Free Tankwa, the Burner radio station at AfrikaBurn.   […]

The DJ usually known as Gryphon, sometimes AKA Stormdancer, has been going to the central Texas burn Burning Flipside for many years, with the wonderful group of friends called KFLiP camp. Their gift to the community was (and is!) a public radio station, where he got his start doing this stuff. The mythical beasty has […]

Coming to you live from Carson City, Nevada, Raindog is a long time part of the BMIR family. Join him for two hours of British Bollocks.

I studied classical music (violin) at the conservatory in Utrecht. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as I quickly discovered that the classical world in general is quite adverse to synths and electronics. So I decided to switch to something else I love: computers and hacking. That became my career. However music always remains a passion. […]