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Tune in as those crazy fuckers at KFLIP bring you a live broadcast 24/7 from Burning Flipside, the Texas Regional Burn! The KFLIP Crew is on the ground and ready to serenade you with amazing live radio.  Tune in!

BenmeR and Whirlwind: Under the Covers – Lucky Number 7! Shouting Fire’s premiere interactive radio game show returns for another season! A challenging cover song contest that will test your skillz! We will be playing unique/abstract cover versions of popular songs and it’s up to you to identify the original artists. Winners of each round […]

BenmeR presents Kilovolt & Jam: From the Earth to the Moon – Adventures in the music of Science fiction. This Thursday, Kilovolt & Jam, along with special guest Ignatz, journey off-planet to explore music in the realm of science fiction. Come with us to the stars and beyond!

ShoutingFire is pleased to stream Afrika Burn 2022 via Radio Free Tankwa live from the event. Bobzilla and Nicolette have arrived at AfrikaBurn where they are camping with Radio Tankwa.We are delighted to bring you a 24/7, live broadcast from the Radio Free Tankwa crew at AfrikaBurn. Several members of the Shouting Fire crew from […]

BenmeR‘s Throwback Thursday! Coachella Edition Bringing back that festival vibe, BenmeR has curated a special radio series that will feature music and art festivals that he has dragged his love ones around over the years. For this first installment, Come along as we Discuss Burning man inspired art & a playlist of all the artists […]

We have begun our live broadcasts from Radio Equinox! Starting today, Wednesday, April 20th thru Saturday April 23rd, Victor Wright aka Uncl Victor the Radio Equinox crew will be broadcasting live from Bequinox in Southern California. Radio Eqinox will be filling in the gaps when shoutingfire is not live, and broacasting shoutingfire during regularly scheduled programs you can […]

The Seventh String is K Stellar Dutcher (guitar, vocals, percussion), Laura Benson (vocals, fiddle), Firefly Walter (guitar, vocals, ukulele), Connor Scalzi (upright & acoustic bass) and Sebastian Schell (guitar, vocals, tin whistle). Born in Austin, Texas and now spanning continents, we weave ancestral Celtic & European songs with modern folk music, exploring what it means […]

BenmeR presents: “Come On Get Happy” with Jam Join Jam in celebrating her birthday live on the radio! She wil have some special guest hosts and is curating an epic playlist of songs that make us all happy! Wear your happiest outfit and bring some celebratory beverages. Tune in, drink along with Jam, and enjoy […]

BenmeR  and the birds return to your Thursday night slot with some electronic jams to fuel your evening. As per usual, this set will be a bit improvised, but be assured that some great tunes will find their way to you earballs. Pour yourself your favorite beverage, interact with BenmeR on the chat, and let’s […]

BenmeR Presents: The Purim & St Patty’s Day Beer Mega Show Mega show this week with DJ Dudebacca and Gavin Le Pew Miller! Join us and celebrate the first time that two amazing holidays coincide since 1995.  Purim and St Patty’s Day madness can be enjoyed in the safety of your humble abode!!! Costumes and […]

On Sunday, March 20th, larsmania welcomes a special guest on his show: Andy who just has completed a three-year-long solo motorcycle road trip on the American continent, from the South pole to the North pole. Well, almost!Larsmania and Andy will talk about the trip, traveling and of course listen to music that Andy encountered or […]

BenmeR Presents: The Chiditarod fundraising event special! Tune in for a special radio show featuring Chicago’s annual shopping cart charity race – chiditarod!  Learn about this amazing food drive & fundraiser through Interviews with the founders, volunteers, race winners, & participants. plus event DJ Sets! Join the festivities and tune at:

BenmeR Presents: Captain Zesty’s “March Sadness” It’s been a long, cold, lonely past couple of years. As the days start getting longer and the weather becomes warmer, let’s celebrate the end of our sorrows and squeeze the last drops of lament out of our system. Join Captain Zesty on Thursday, March 10th for MARCH SADNESS, […]

BenmeR Presents: Kilovolt & Jam – Banned Music Join Kilovolt, Jam, and special guest “Mike” for some great music that somebody doesn’t (or didn’t at one time) want you to hear. Discuss the songs you should not listen to and tune at:

BenmeR & Whirlwind’s “High School Dance Party” Four of you Thursday night DJs will collaborate in this fun show that spans 3 decades, playing prom songs from the 1982 to 2003.  Joined by Queen Geri and Captain Zesty, this all star radio broadcast will bring you back to your youth. Discuss the trials and tribulations […]

BenmeR and Whirlwind: Under the Covers #6 – Sixtacular! Shouting Fire’s premiere interactive radio game show returns for another season! A challenging cover song contest that will test your skillz! We will be playing unique/abstract cover versions of popular songs and it’s up to you to identify the original artists. Winners of each round are […]

BenmeR & Whirlwind’s Alphabet Soup Warm yourself with some alphabet soup songs during the cold winter. Taking an improvised approach to this show, we are going to switch off picking songs in alphabetical order and work our way through the  26 letters of the English language. It’ll be a grand ole time, and will hopefully […]

Rebroadcast: The First episode of “BenmeR Takes over your Thursday Night” This Throwback Thursday edition of the show will rebroadcast one of our previous shows that your Earballs may have missed.  Tonight’s show is September 17th, 2020… the night that BenmeR started filling the Thursday night Shouting Fire timeslot. Tune in, interact with your friends, […]

BenmeR Takes over your Thursday Night Seems like we are lost in a time loop….  trying to figure out where we are and where we are going. Let’s see what happens on tonight’s radio show.  Could be a throwback show, could be new music.., but will definitely be a good time. Tune in, interact with […]

BenmeR’s Broken Juekbox Do you like making song requests to DJs? Do you yell songs out at the bands during live concerts? Well, this show is for you! Tune in, join the chat, and make your requests! Please note, the jukebox will decide if it likes your request or not.  Management not responsible for rogue […]

BenmeR’s New Year’s Eve Rebroadcast Get ready for a special show featuring a Live recording from BenmeR’s first live in person DJ set since the rona…  We are excited to present this gem to your earballs! Plus there will be some live commentary and interactions from the whole fam! Celebrate, interact with your friends, drink […]

The Reverend is back and he will preach to you again. His (non-verbal) sermons for the Church of Low Frequency Electronics return to Shoutingfire in a two-hour set from 1pm – 3pm PT/2200 to 2400 CET, every first Tuesday of the month.  Expect dubs and crystal skull and bones.

Celebrate the start of 2022 with a wonderful reading of Alices Adventures in Wonderland, narrated by Harry Shearer, voice of Le Show, The Simpsons, and Spinal Tap.

Celebrate the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 with Contessa Luna on Live from the Exclusive Late Night Lounge, join listeners, callers and viewers for an end of year celebration featuring YOU! Music, talk and your phone calls! (219) 256-5862 Not an insomniac, reveler or late night par-tay animal, leave a […]

BenmeR Presents Dudebacca’s Dustbin: Mixtapes and Memories Vol. 3 Get ready for another trip down memory lane as Dudebacca dusts off more old mixtapes and curates an eclectic show for your earballs! Reminisce, interact with your friends, drink along, and enjoy the show at:

BenmeR Presents: Captain Zesty’s Year in Review – The best of 2021 Recline your seats, put down your tray tables and get those beverages ready as Captain Zesty brings you a curated playlist of the best songs released in 2021. Join the festivities, discuss the songs, and interact on the chat at:

BenmeR Presents: Kilovolt & Jam – Light and Dark Join Kilovolt and Jam for a musical tour of songs exploring light and dark as we celebrate the festival of lights and prepare for the longest night of the year. Join the festivities and interact on the chat at: