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This Weekend – Virtual Burning Flipside 2021

Written by on May 27, 2021


Missing Burns? We are too.  No worries, we’ll be together again around the fire soon.  In the mean time the folks at KFLIP bring you Virtual Burning Flipside 2021 The Radio Edition!

KFLIP is the burner radio station at Burning Flipside, the Texas regional Burn.  Starting Friday, May 28th we have tons of programming live from the KFLIP crew in Texas.

Virtual Flipside 2021, Live on Shouting Fire all weekend long or as long as the rest of the world can put up with live DJs from Texas. KFLIP, Pyropolis Public Radio will be on the air with music, shenanigans, live streams, and live performances.  Check out the event web site at — yes that’s a real URL — for more details about all the virtual ways to play along, including Minecraft, Altspace VR, Virtual Gallery and much much more.

Broadcast Schedule (our program schedule located here will display all these programs in your local time zone).

When we have no live program we keep you entertained with a very eclectic mix.


9pm to 10pm PT – KFLIP Vitual Burning Flipside 2021 Sign On

FRIDAY May 28th

7am to 9am PT – Berlin Burnout! – Live from Germany with your host Leo.

9am to 12pm PT – “The Project” – A three hour long soundscape of the sounds of a typical burn event. (lots of generator noise, conflicting oontz, some marching bands, drum circles, etc).

12pm to 1pm PT – The Jackalope Hour – Words and Music from across the universe.

1pm to 3pm PT – DJ Kaet – Spoof Sci-Fi themed music.

3pm to 5pm PT – Judges Juice Box -Mashups, Chill, Surf,/Tiki and other Weird Shit™ with a large glass or two of wine.

5pm to 7pm PT – The Welcome Home Show with Gigamatt.

7pm to 10pm PT – The Beautiful & The Painful with Woozy

10pm to 12M PT – The World Famous Confessional with Contessa de la Luna – Live from Portland, OR – Call in and confess you misdeeds and minor felonies at 219-245-5862.


6am to 8am PT – DJ Robot – Kids Cartoon Themed Dubstep/Techno mix

8am to 9am PT – On A Roll – Live from The Netherlands – Bobzilla & Nicolette discuss life in the Dutch countryside and play some music.

9am to 10am PT – Slappy & The Bean – The best and worst morning radio that you ever wanted to gouge your eyes and ears out simultaneously to.

10am to 11am PT – The Childrens Radio Hour – Radio for actual childern – Love Jonze is your hostess.

11am to 1pm PT – Something Fun – Popcorn is your host.

3pm to 4pm PT – Yellowbeard is your host.

6pm to 7pm PT – Jayk-a-lope – Get ready to snuggle under the covers! Taking some of the best music and listening to someone else play it.

8pm to 10pm PT – David & Elwyn – Has anyone heard the recent work from Depeche Mode, because it’s actually awesome.

SUNDAY May 30th

5am to 7am PT – Idlis on the Mike – Live from Jupiter (Florida, not the planet).  Goot times, positive vibes and newly released music.

7am to 9am PT – Sunday Morning Resurrection with Judge

9am to 10am PT -Slappy & The Bean – The best and worst morning radio that you ever wanted to gouge your eyes and ears out simultaneously to.

10am to 11am PT – Eclectic, circusish, folkish, punkish.  Mattly is your host.

11am to 1pm PT – Modeen is your host.

1pm to 2pm PT – Disco Roadblock – Bossy Spice is your hostess.

6pm to 7pm PT – The 2021 Burning Flipside Burn Night Spectacular – Anyone got a lighter?

7pm to 830pm PT – Rainbow Shadows -A playthrough of my album (that I just recorded) and the music that influenced it – Channel is your host

830pm to 10pm PT – EZ Tom

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