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Traveler in music, Piccaya’s mixes are journeys through traditional melodies guided by deep drums & percussions.

Founder of Kosmozoo Records. Active member of the Burning Man community & founder of KosmoZoo, Soundcamp at Nowhere Festival, largest European Regional Burn. His first music sets dated from the new beat period in Belgium, early 1990s with the acidulous sounds of minimal techno from Detroit mixed with house music.

Conquered by travel and new media, he will live a digital nomad life, with his camera and traveling the most beautiful roads in the world in search of unusual images while working for his own graphic design studio based in Brussels.

It was at Burning Man in 2012 that Piccaya gradually resumed his original passion, the electronic music with which he has juggled since then at festivals such as Burning Man, Africa Burn, Midburn, Nowhere Festival, Borderland. He also participated in many events related to the promotion of Burning Man throughout Europe.

As a freelance travel and humanitarian photographer, Piccaya has also been also on the road for more than 20 years, exploring the most incredible itineraries worldwide.